Furniture restoration

Please note: This service is currently unavailable.  Services will resume in early 2013 after the completion of Stage 1 redevelopment works.

Furniture restoration at the TMAG is undertaken by the Heritage Furniture Restoration Unit.

The Heritage Furniture Restoration Unit has been developed to provide a conservation and restoration service to government agencies (Local, State and Commonwealth) and to care for TMAG’s historic furniture collection.

The service is also available to corporations, businesses and private individuals.

Furniture conservation and restoration is done by Mr Tony Colman. He brings considerable talent and experience to the unit. He has spent 36 years in furniture restoration.  He completed a double apprenticeship in Cabinet Making and French Polishing in 1966.

To maintain his technical expertise and update his experience Tony travels interstate regularly.  In his quest for excellence, he has worked overseas on a number of occasions.

Complementing Tony’s furniture skills, is his considerable knowledge of architectural interiors be they domestic, ecclesiastical, public or private.

The need for conservation and restoration
The term heritage furniture is not restricted to items from the colonial period but encompasses any furniture item that is worth preserving.

Simply put, conservation aims to stabilise an object and prevent further deterioration whereas restoration aims to improve the physical condition and appearance of an object.

Appropriate treatment may vary from repairing a hinge to repolishing and recovering a set of chairs. The result is an object that is both useful and attractive – one that will be enjoyed by present and future generations.

Business information
Upon request TMAG staff will examine objects, suggest appropriate treatments and provide quotations free of charge within 20km of the Hobart GPO.  Sites outside this radius may attract a fee. Mr Colman can be contacted on (03) 6211 4103.

All income from the Heritage Furniture Restoration Unit will go directly towards the conservation of the Museum’s excellent Heritage Furniture Collection.The funds will help TMAG to keep the collection in good condition.