Stage One

Stage 1 of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s redevelopment is underway and for the duration of these works TMAG is a smaller museum. Stage 1 is focused on the restoration and refurbishment of TMAG’s heritage buildings in order to create new and refreshed exhibitions spaces.

It will enable TMAG to make better use of existing and currently underutilised spaces, including spaces presently not available to the public. Stage 1 will create a new visitor entrance which will highlight the historic Watergate as a central feature of the courtyard space, and it will reveal much-loved features of the heritage buildings that are currently hidden from public view, including the steelwork within the roof of the Zoology gallery.

TMAG will continue to work with State and Federal governments and with philanthropists and sponsors to secure the funding required to realise the full redevelopment, and in the mean time Stage 1 will provide improved access and facilities in keeping with the architectural concept plan, and is a tangible step towards realising the vision of a redeveloped TMAG.

TMAG is committed to remaining open to the public throughout Stage 1 works however exhibitions and programs will necessarily be restricted due to limitations on space, and as of 1 September 2011 the visitor entrance to the smaller museum is through the doors at 5 Argyle Street, Hobart.

The completed heritage works and a suite of new exhibitions will be revealed in early 2013.