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'Behind the Scenes: Dreaming of a Thylacine'

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About Scott and Bryony

Scott Wright co-founded Erth Physical and Visual Inc in Ballarat, Victoria in 1990 and has been the Artistic Director of the company ever since. Scott began Erth as street theatre and has developed it into an internationally renowned company known for its innovative puppetry and interactive productions with a range of cultural institutions, particularly Museums.

Bryony Anderson is a designer, inventor, maker, and exhibiting artist whose work ranges from intricate illustrations to life sized dinosaur puppets, pedal powered boats and giant inflatable gardens. She has been working with puppetry and circus companies in and out of Australia since 1997.

About Erth and 'The Dream of the Thylacine'

Erth Visual and Physical Inc. create performance based artworks for the public domain. Their productions involve large-scale puppets, stilts, inflatables and aerial techniques and the company are widely recognised for their innovation in physical and visual theatre.

Erth’s production of 'The Dream of the Thylacine' premiered at TMAG as part of the 'Ten Days on the Island Festival' in Hobart, March 2013.

Based on the illustrated children’s book of the same name by Ron Brooks and Margaret Wild, the show tells the story of the world’s last Tasmanian tiger through life-like puppetry, moving set-design, music and voices recounting the text and local peoples’ stories about the tiger.


In this film Scott and Bryony talk about interpreting the book ‘The Dream of the Thylacine’ for theatre. They discuss their approaches to collaboration and making, and the intricate material and conceptual processes behind bringing the thylacine to life.  


Activity and question sheet for students (502KB Adobe PDF)


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