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Mary Scott
Out of Darkness: On Making The Seer

Mary Scott

About Mary

Mary Scott is a Hobart-based artist who teaches drawing and painting at the University of Tasmania. She works across a number of different mediums incorporating sculpture, drawing and painting in her practice. Since 1990, she has exhibited her work regularly and has been the recipient of many artist grants and teaching awards. Her work explores a range of ideas about our relationship to the natural world and our ways of knowing and perceiving.

About The Seer (2015)

Mary’s charcoal drawing The Seer is the fourth in a series of drawings titled Breathing of the Terrestrial Machine (2014). Responding to Leonardo da Vinci’s meditations on the connections between Earth’s natural processes and machines, Mary’s seer is a hybrid figure, blending botanical, human and technological references. Mary exhibited The Seer at TMAG as part of the City of Hobart Art Prize, 2015.


In this film, Mary talks about making The Seer and the process of drawing on paper with charcoal. She reflects on her love of reading and working with tone. She explores many ideas about our relationship to the natural world, the importance of observing nature, and the role of our bodies in sensory perception.

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