Dewayne singing Tasmanian Aboriginal song

Dewayne Everettsmith singing a song celebrating the Tasmanian Aboriginal people's connection to Country.  This is an edited version of a song written by Roger Sculthorpe, Heather Sculthorpe, June Sculthorpe, Chris Mansell, Di Cook and Theresa Sainty from the Tasmanian Aboriginal community and sung in palawa kani, Tasmanian Aboriginal language to school students on a TMAG program.

Video duration 2:10 minutes (8mb)

milaythina nika milaythina-mana   This land is my land
tapilti larapuna, tapilti putalina     From Eddystone Point, to Oyster Cove
tapilti kunanyi, tapilti tayaritja      From Mount Wellington to the Bass Strait Islands
milaythina nika waranta pakana    This land is us blackfellas
waranta palawa, milaythina nika   We blackfellas are this land