First Black Man

A creation story from the Nuenonne people, Bruny Island as told by Woureddy. Narrator Jim Everett.

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A renowned storyteller and warrior of the Nuenonne band from Bruny Island, he travelled around Tasmania with George A. Robinson, Truganini and others from 1830–34, communicating with the Aboriginal people living in the bush. Taken to the interment camp 'Wybalenna' on Flinders Island, and then on to Victoria, he eventually died just as he was returning to Flinders Isl. aged in his fifties. A proud traditional man, he never wore European clothes, never ate European food and retained an unshaken belief in his Aboriginal identity and customs through the years of dispossession.

Jim Everett
Narrator Jim Everett

Jim Everett is a Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder and poet. He was born on Flinders Island in 1942 and has been writing poetry from an early age, inspired by his deep connection to Country. He has also been heavily involved in the struggle for recognition of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people and their land rights. In more recent times Jim has worked in television documentary, educational videos and theatre.