Teacher backpacks


Teacher backpacks are now available to borrow. 

A series of four themed backpack are available for teachers to borrow and use during a visit to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
These backpacks provide teachers with hands-on, exhibition relevant kits for use within TMAG’s galleries during self-guided class visits. The resources, including activities and objects that can be handled by students, create visual and tactile avenues for teaching. The themes covered in the backpacks are:

  • Art
  • Tasmanian history
  • First People of Tasmania (Tasmanian Aboriginal culture)
  • Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Whilst the backpacks are an educators’ resource for students of all ages, they are particularly focused for use with primary aged children. The accompanying text resource for each backpack is available as a free download.

Bookings are essential

Contact us for further information or to book a Teacher Backpack for your next visit.