Primary K-6

New conditions apply due to COVID-19

At the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), we are committed to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our visitors and staff as we reopen with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

We have created an experience that prioritises your safety and enjoyment by introducing physical distancing and extra hygiene measures, comprehensive regular cleaning, and visitor number limits in galleries and on the site as a whole.

All visitors, including educational groups, are required to book in advance to ensure their well being and safety. For educational groups, please follow the links below.  For a general visit please book here. TMAG remains free admission and there are no booking fees.

Please do not plan to visit if:
- you’re unwell, have experienced cold or flu symptoms, fever or recent loss of smell or taste
- had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days
- been instructed to quarantine and your 14 days has not yet finished

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back and connecting with our visitors in person again.

Guided Programs

This year TMAG’s education staff will be hard at work developing the exciting new long term interactive Children’s Exhibition, opening in 2021, so we are offering a focused, highlights learning program as Live Virtual Tours for Terms 3 and 4. Information on programs for Term 4 will be available later in Term 3.  These guided programs are delivered by TMAG's education specialists virtually. Programs are designed to deliver targeted learning outcomes for primary school aged students.

Bookings two weeks in advance are essential for all guided programs.  Please note that exhibition and program dates may change without notice. Alternative dates and times may need to be considered.

To ensure all schools have the opportunity to access TMAG’s guided programs, TMAG asks schools to limit their bookings to no more than two guided programs per school, per week.


Live Virtual Tours

TMAG's Live Virtual Tours use Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. A projector connected to an internet enabled computer will be required for optimal experience.

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Life in the Freezer
Discover what it is like for animals living in the coldest region of the world and (virtually) visit the Islands to Ice exhibition.  Find out how the amazing wildlife has adapted to this extreme environment, to survive both in the ocean and on land.  The program provides an overview of life in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
Suitable for grades:  3-6
Available:  Term 3 
Program available: Wednesdays


Look at me!
Discover the world of portraits with TMAG's new exhibition This Too Shall Pass.  Students will consider identity, expression and the purpose of portraits during the last 2 centuries.  A  great session to encourage and support the Young Archie program.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
Suitable for grades:  3-6
Available:  Term 3 
Program available: Thursdays

Tasmanian Aboriginal Culture

First Nations in Tasmania
This program introduces students to the ningina tunapri gallery, explaining traditional Aboriginal life and culture through to contemporary Aboriginal culture. The program highlights key stories and objects from the past through to the present.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
Suitable for grades:  3-6
Available:  Term 3 
Program available: Tuesdays

The Black Box Loan Resource and ningina tunapri Live Virtual Tour
Bringing Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and the ningina tunapri exhibition to your classroom. Your class will experience a live virtual tour of the ningina tunapri gallery, and will then unpack and discuss the Black Box contents with TMAG's Aboriginal Learning Facilitator. Full information here.

Suitable for grades 3-6
Available: Terms 3,4
Limited slots available