TMAG's programs open up a world of learning for students of all ages, as well as teachers and the broader community.

The complete 2015 Learning Program is now available (PDF 2.3 MB). 

2015 Learning Program Cover 

Programs for students include interpretive displays, guided programs and supporting resources which stimulate discussion and enrich learning, and are available across disciplines including Tasmanian Aboriginal culture, the Antarctic, art, biodiversity, and history.

Programs are divided into primary learning programs, suitable for students from kindergarten to year six, and secondary learning programs, suitable for students from year seven onwards. Most programs are available free of charge to government and non-government schools and are delivered by learning and discovery specialists.

Professional development programs for teachers include a variety of exhibition previews, workshops and information sessions to help teachers make the most of the learning opportunities the Museum has to offer, and to support learning back in the classroom.

Programs are also available as tailored outreach programs within schools, community organisations and the childcare and disability sectors.

General visitor experience programs are provided through guided gallery tours, both general and exhibition specific, in-gallery interpretation, public talks, festivals and events and extended opening hours events.

Further information about planning your visit, and the link to our Introduction to TMAG video, is available through our Plan your group visit or Bookings pages.