Tasmanian Herbarium

The Tasmanian Herbarium is responsible for the development, maintenance and management of the botanical collections of Tasmania.

These preserved plant specimens are internationally recognised as the most comprehensive record of the Tasmanian flora in the world. The specimens represent the permanent material evidence of knowledge on what plants occur in Tasmania, their distribution in space and time, their variability and a wealth of other information. They are also the raw materials for further discovery and knowledge of Tasmania’s unique flora.

The collection underpins a wide range of plant-based activities, including:

  • plant identification and classification;
  • scientific studies and publications;
  • land-use, resource management and flora conservation activities;
  • ecological studies;
  • control and management of exotic flora;
  • control and management of prohibited plants;
  • the search for economically useful plants and plant products;
  • interpretations, displays and other presentations that promote TMAG and Tasmanian natural history to a wide audience.

The Tasmanian Herbarium has published a number of publications and research documents which may be viewed here.

To view the Flora of Tasmania Online resource click here:

Flora Online

The Tasmanian Herbarium is located on College Road, Sandy Bay within the University of Tasmania.

The Herbarium accepts small groups of visitors of up to ten people. These are by appointment only.

For more information please contact Kim Hill on (03) 6165 5143, or herbarium@tmag.tas.gov.au. Please click here for further information.