Fellowship allows Mark to shine

Mark Colgrave changing the Customs House chandelier

How many Museum staff does it take to change a light bulb? Only one if you’ve got Mark Colegrave on your staff.

Nonetheless, even after 16 years spent mostly up a ladder, it appears even our lighting guru is never too old to learn something new.

Mark is off overseas next year to learn about the latest Museum lighting technologies in the USA and Europe after securing a Churchill Fellowship.

One of only five Tasmanians to gain a 2011 Fellowship, he will spend two months in New York, London, Paris and Dusseldorf improving his knowledge of lighting techniques.

Lighting museums is a rapidly changing area as current systems are being phased out, with the search on for replacement technologies where energy efficiency is a key issue. 

As well, methods of lighting in museums and art galleries is emerging as a hotly debated topic where aesthetics and conservation are major considerations.

Mark chose the cities for their mix of old Museum buildings and newer Art Galleries allowing him to study world-class ways to light heritage spaces as well as architect-designed galleries.

It will be extremely useful for the veteran exhibitions officer, implementing these new practices, when he has to light the redeveloped Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.