A new TMAG brand

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery's brand

Why did TMAG need a new brand?

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) has been working towards a major site redevelopment. As part of this process, we saw the need to develop a new brand identity to encompass the entire project. We wanted to develop a strong brand identity for TMAG, similar to those developed for other independent statutory authorities such as the Port Arthur Historic Site, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and Tourism Tasmania. This identity will also help TMAG sit alongside other museums and art galleries in national and international marketplaces.

Who designed it?

A Melbourne-based firm, Studio Round, was awarded the tender after a competitive expression of interest (EOI) process. Tasmanian firm Futago was also engaged by Studio Round to assist with the community consultation process to help develop the brand and implement new signage. Futago have also implemented the brand on TMAG’s new website.

Why was Studio Round chosen?

Studio Round has strong previous experience in providing identity development and design services for other Australian cultural institutions, including the Bendigo Art Gallery, the State Library of Victoria and the National Gallery of Victoria. They also provided an outstanding response to the unique requirements/challenges of the TMAG site and identity as an institution housing the State’s combined collections (the arts, cultural and natural heritage collections). Tasmanian design studio Futago assisted with the community consultation process and signage strategies led by Studio Round.

What does the logo represent?

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery logo

The new logo developed by Studio Round is inspired by the footprint of the TMAG city site. TMAG is home to the most significant collection of Colonial buildings on the one site in Australia, including Tasmania’s oldest public building, the Commissariat Store. It also embraces a key brand platform of TMAG as a "Museum within a Museum".

Who was consulted in developing the new brand?

Studio Round embarked on a comprehensive community consultation process to develop TMAG’s new identity. They talked to TMAG staff and membership groups, TMAG visitors, Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts staff and members of the public about their experiences and feelings about the museum. They then used these thoughts and opinions to create TMAG’s new brand platforms, which shape the new identity. These brand platforms affirm that TMAG:
  • is Uniquely Tasmanian
  • is a Museum within a Museum
  • embraces Curated Diversity
  • tells Distinctive Stories
How long did it take to develop?

Studio Round was engaged in August 2011 to develop TMAG’s new identity. They undertook a comprehensive consultation process, and delivered their final product to TMAG in early 2012. TMAG has since progressively rolled out the new brand and applied it to new signage for the redeveloped museum.