Research at the Tasmanian Herbarium

The Tasmanian Herbarium promotes Tasmania and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery nationally and internationally in the scientific arena through a vigorous program of botanical research, including collaborative projects with institutions in Australia and overseas.

The major thrust of the Herbarium’s research is to describe and document the flora of Tasmania. This work is fundamental to all other pure and applied research on Tasmanian plants, as well as to the management of the State’s flora. There are known taxonomic problems that need to be resolved as well as many species that are still to be discovered, documented and/or named, especially among the cryptogams.

Research results are presented in peer-reviewed scientific journals and general articles, and through presentations at national and international symposia.

The Herbarium also supports research in other national and international institutions through an active program of specimen loans and access to data.

Research expertise

  • Dr Gintaras Kantvilas - Taxonomy and ecology of lichens, with special reference to Tasmania and the Southern Hemisphere
  • Matthew Baker - Taxonomy and distribution of weeds and exotics in Tasmania
  • Dr Miguel de Salas - Taxonomy of Tasmanian native vascular plants
  • Dr Jean Jarman - Floristics and ecology of Tasmanian bryophytes
  • Lyn Cave - Floristics and ecology of Tasmanian bryophytes
  • Alan Gray - Taxonomy of Tasmanian native vascular plants
  • Dr Gerry Kraft - marine macroalgae (seaweeds)