Farewell to old old favourite


We're throwing a party to farewell one of TMAG's most loved places: the Zoology Gallery.

The Zoology Gallery closes on 1 September as part of our redevelopment but we're getting in early to say good-bye.

This Sunday (July 31) we're hosting kid-friendly activities from 10am to 1pm and an adult-friendly talk about the history of the gallery (and all our natural science displays) from 2pm.

We'll have activities for the kids with our educators while our science staff will present the afternoon talk for the grown-ups.

The afternoon talk will include some amazing images of our galleries between 1848 and 2000.

There are a few other changes about to happen in coming weeks and months, including shifting our front door from Macquarie to Argyle Street (1 September).

The door change coincides with the scheduled closures of a number of galleries and the Children's Discovery Space.

If you're planning to visit in the next couple of weeks, just be aware that because of dust from the plaster work in our old Pacific and Shipping Gallery means you can only access the Colonial Art Gallery using the stairs until mid-August.

This is to ensure the safety of our collections and visitors and full access will be restored in mid-August.

This means there will be plenty of time to visit the Colonial Art Gallery ahead of its scheduled closure.