Current and upcoming exhibitions

Lucienne Rickard: Extinction Studies

Extinction Studies

Opening date : 06-09-2019   Closing date : 01-09-2020

A year-long performance that will see Tasmanian artist Lucienne Rickard draw and then erase a different recently-extinct plant or animal species every day.

Captured Moments: Photographs by Jackie Robinson

Opening date : 06-12-2019   Closing date : 26-04-2020

Look closely into photographs captured by amateur photographer John (Jackie) Robinson in Tasmania's west in the early 20th century and discover the hardships, the joy and the unique nature of living in this rugged environment.

West: Out on the Edge

Opening date : 06-12-2019   Closing date : 10-05-2020

This summer, TMAG presents a captivating new multidisciplinary exhibition exploring Tasmania's distinctive, complex and compelling – yet elusive – west.

This Too Shall Pass

Opening date : 20-12-2019   Closing date : 30-11-2023

This exhibition showcases artworks from TMAG's Art Collection and includes portraits and self-portraits, along with still-life paintings and artefacts that reflect on impermanence and the inevitable transience of life, beauty and material things.

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