Current and upcoming exhibitions

The Mission: Michael Cook

Opening date : 27-07-2018   Closing date : 03-03-2019

This exhibition showcases Australian artist Michael Cook's photographic work The Mission, which traces the journey of an Aboriginal woman from her homeland to a Christian mission.

Thomas Bock

Opening date : 17-08-2018   Closing date : 11-11-2018

An exhibition dedicated to the work of Thomas Bock, one of the most important artists working in Australia during the colonial years.

The National Picture: the art of Tasmania's Black War

Opening date : 17-08-2018   Closing date : 11-11-2018

An exhibition shining a light on two enthralling yet under-examined figures in Australian history: colonial artist Benjamin Duterrau and the ‘Conciliator’ George Augustus Robinson.

Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival

Opening date : 07-12-2018   Closing date : 05-05-2019

Journey back 100 million years to a time when fearsome beasts stalked the earth in this amazing exhibition exploring the ancient world of the dinosaurs.

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