Current and upcoming exhibitions

Extinction Studies

Opening date : 18-02-2022   Closing date : 19-02-2023

Tasmanian artist Lucienne Rickard recommences her performance work highlighting the critical issue of species extinction, drawing and then erasing critically-endangered Australian species in TMAG's Link Foyer.

Gay Hawkes: The House of Longing

Opening date : 18-03-2022   Closing date : 28-08-2022

An exhibition showcasing the work of nationally respected Tasmanian furniture maker, sculptor and artist Gay Hawkes.

TMAG’s Chair Factory

Opening date : 04-06-2022   Closing date : 28-08-2022

Complementing the temporary exhibition Gay Hawkes: The House of Longing, is a pop-up art activation space, TMAG’s Chair Factory.

The Wedding Dress: An Australian TV Icon

Opening date : 24-06-2022   Closing date : 31-07-2022

A display showcasing a touchstone of Australian popular culture, Charlene’s wedding dress from soap opera Neighbours as worn by Kylie Minogue, celebrating the 35th anniversary of an iconic TV moment.

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