Australian Antarctic Festival at TMAG

Opens 25-08-2022,  closes 04-09-2022

Bond Store Basement

Expeditioners Exhibition

Expeditioners Exhibition

This exhibition showcases photos from the Mawson’s Huts Foundation’s most recent conservation expedition (2021–22), taken by the expeditioners themselves.

As well as the conservation activities at Australia’s most remote heritage site at Cape Denison, the exhibition includes photos of other activities undertaken by the expeditioners. These include surveying penguin rookeries and petrel colonies, installing weather stations and mapping photogrammetry of the huts, baking bread and preparing a delicious Christmas supper.


A Portrait of Solitary Beauty

Antarctica: A Portrait of Solitary Beauty

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands presents the premieres of two music videos by acclaimed Dutch artists: the world premiere video installation Antarctica by award-winning international travel photographer René Koster and jazz master Michiel Borstlap; and the Australian premiere of Stillness I and 11, by Esther Kokmeijer and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek).

Antarctica, by Koster and Bortslap, is the story of Koster’s travels on a 1911 sailing ship, the same period of the last great expeditions of Antarctica. Together the two artists, hand in hand, take us to a mystical and mesmeric state.

The stillness and beauty of glacial movements of Antarctica are captured in Kokmeijer and Zuydervelt's Stillness 1 and 11. This is a musical journey of recorded sounds, and images of floating icebergs and sea scapes.

For more information, see the Australian Antarctic Festival website.