Extinction Studies

Opens 06-09-2019,  closes 24-01-2021

Link Foyer

Lucienne Rickard: Extinction Studies

Extinction Studies was originally conceived as a twelve-month durational performance by Tasmanian artist Lucienne Rickard. It has now been extended to run until 24 January 2021 – a remarkable commitment by the artist in her work to highlight the critical issue of species extinction.

Beginning in September 2019, Lucienne has spent five days a week in TMAG's Link Foyer (with a brief hiatus due to COVID-19), drawing a recently-extinct plant or animal species. She then erases the drawing and begins to draw a different extinct species on the same sheet of paper. She then erases it again.

This process of drawing and erasure, or evolution and extinction, is repeated in full knowledge that the paper will deteriorate and eraser shavings will accumulate.

Each extinct species is sourced from the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, the authoritative list of extinct and threatened species used by scientists globally.

The project title Extinction Studies deliberately merges art and science, a ‘study’ being both a technical art term – for a drawing or sketch done in preparation – and more generally understood as the practice of devoting time and attention to understanding a topic.

As an artist, Lucienne has crafted a career through drawing yet she remains deeply concerned about the future of biodiversity and the natural world.

Follow the progress of Lucienne's project on Instagram and view erasings of her drawings on TMAG's Facebook page.

Educators can download the Teacher Guide here.

Extinction Studies is commissioned by Detached Cultural Organisation and presented by TMAG.

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