Full Void

Opens 17-03-2017,  closes 08-04-2017

Bond Store Basement

After the Deluge

Responding to the rich textural qualities of charcoal, Mary Scott and David Edgar explore darkness and the void through a series of abstract architectural and geological spaces.

In contrast to the traditional concept of the void as an empty or vacuous space, the artists engage charcoal as a medium that gives dimensionality to blackness, and explores the visual and psychological responses to dark.

The works exploit connections between charcoal as a natural material derived from the earth and the philosophical and affective dimensions of the architectural void. The exhibition expands the parameters of tonal drawing.

This exhibition is presented as part of Ten Days on the Island.

Filling The Void
Saturday 18 March, 11:00 am
Bond Store Basement

From theories of chaos and black holes to abstract art and architecture, the void has been a subject of fascination for philosophers, physicists and artists for centuries. Join artists Mary Scott and David Edgar in conversation with curator, Eliza Burke as they discuss the many meanings of the void and its unusual contradictions as a spatial and material construct and a subject of drawing. The artists will explore the themes of emptiness and fullness, darkness, light and shadow amidst their large-scale charcoal drawings installed for Ten Days on the Island 2017.

Image details:
Left: David Edgar, Chasm (Diptych), 2017, charcoal and pastel on chalkboard paint on gesso on paper, 210 x 110 cm each (total 210 x 220 cm).
Right: Mary Scott, Deluge 1 (after Leonardo), 2017, charcoal on paper, 146 x 108 cm.