Inscription and Place

Opens 22-06-2017,  closes 22-10-2017

Central Gallery Level 2


This display presents a poetic exploration of place, family and objects told through contemporary jewellery.

During 2016-17, four Tasmanian jewellers worked with the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s Henry Baldwin Bequest collection on a project re-interpreting, reframing and contextualising history and memory through the jewellery object.

Bequeathed to TMAG in 2008, the Baldwin Collection was the largest single donation in the museum’s history and contained among other things, jewellery, diaries, letters, books and small domestic objects which speak to the lives of the women of two of colonial Hobart’s leading families, the Manings and Knights.

The resulting artworks fuse references to the forms and materials of objects from the collection with traces of the lives of the women and an overlay of elements from the artists’ own lives and connection to place.

Participating artists: Alexandra Parish, Janine Combes, Sarah Jones and Sophie Carnell.

Read an article about this exhibition written by TMAG Decorative Arts Curator Peter Hughes in the online journal Garland.

Image details: Janine Combes, Requiem for Hilda (2017) sterling silver, paper, Japanese lacquer, ribbon, shellac. Janine Combes, Conclude (2017) cotton, shellac, brass, silver. Janine Combes, Traces of Hilda (2017), brooch.