Making Marks: A Celebration of Children's Art 2019

Opens 25-09-2019,  closes 13-10-2019

Bond Store Basement

Making Marks

Making Marks showcases artworks from all regions of Tasmania created by artists from birth to four years of age.

The exhibition features the ideas of very young children, making marks with the earth, exploring materials and tools, bringing shapes together, creating representations and combining music, movements and marks.

The exhibition celebrates, nurtures and supports the voice of the child through art.

Through mark-making children develop their relationships with materials, people and place and in so doing grow their ‘voice’ – unique ways of seeing and telling their stories.

This exhibition is a collaboration between B4 Early Years Coalition (B4), Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Tasmania, National ECA Conference Organising Committee, Lady Gowrie Tasmania, Goodstart Early Learning, Northern Children’s Network, All That We Are, Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG).

Image details: Arlo Highton, "Squiggles: car in the woods"