Mawson's Men

Opens 21-01-2014,  closes 04-03-2014

Bond Store Basement

MMOne hundred years ago, Douglas Mawson and his team were returning from an epic journey to Antarctica, not for profit or fame, but to extend the boundaries of human knowledge and advance the cause of science.

This photographic exhibition remembers and acknowledges 'Mawson's Men', including those who lost their lives so far from home.

Through their eyes the world was shown a truly unique continent whose ancient records have so much to tell us.

Mawson's legacy continues to this day, through a modern Australian Antarctic program founded on science and a commitment to value, protect and understand this special and remote region.

Image details: Raising the flag at Cape Denison after erecting the Main Hut, 25 February 1912 (Photo: Frank Hurley)