Never Grow Old: 40 Years of Terrapin

Opens 29-09-2021,  closes 31-10-2021

Central Gallery

The Storytellers Shadow - Terrapin

This exhibition marks a significant anniversary that Tasmanian theatre company Terrapin Puppet Theatre is celebrating in 2021.

Over the past 40 years, Terrapin has staged more than 140 productions in schools, theatres, festivals and public spaces: it makes for a lot of puppets.

In celebration of their 40th milestone, they have delved into the Terrapin puppet archive, uncovering treasures from long ago.

Marionettes, masks, and monsters have emerged from their boxes, and will come together in a unique exhibition presented in collaboration with TMAG.

Stay tuned to the Events page of our website for more information about public programming complementing this exhibition.

Image details: The Storytellers Shadow, 2005. Image: Terrapin.