Pattern Play

Opens 18-12-2015,  closes 15-05-2016

Argyle Galleries 1-3


An interactive family exhibition celebrating the wonderful world of patterns, Pattern Play incorporates two exhibitions: Jemima Wyman: Pattern Bandits, a Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) Touring Exhibition, and Patterns in Nature, an exhibition drawing on TMAG's own rich collections.

Jemima Wyman: Pattern Bandits

The transformative and immersive qualities of camouflage, kaleidoscopes and other patterns are explored in Jemima Wyman: Pattern Bandits, a visually spectacular and hands-on exhibition that encourages young and old alike to engage and interact with pattern and pattern making as a form of self-expression and identity.

Find out more about Jemima Wyman: Pattern Bandits in the below video:

Patterns in Nature

Patterns in Nature highlights the many spectacular patterns that occur in the natural world - spots and stripes, spirals and speckles, natural number patterns and patterns of behaviour are all elements that can form the patterns we see every day.

It uses items from TMAG's much-loved science collections and interactive elements to engage visitors with the patterns that occur in nature, with particular reference to Tasmanian plants and animals.


Image details: Golden stag-beetles (Lamprima aurata), known locally as Christmas beetles, collected by Dr George Bornemissza at St Helens on Tasmania's East Coast. Photograph: Simon Grove/TMAG.

Learn more about the Cellular Tessellation installation in the TMAG Courtyard.

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Educators can also download the Pattern Play Teacher's Guide.