Long-term exhibitions

mapiya lumi | around here

Henry Hunter Galleries, Level 1

mapiya lumi around here

mapiya lumi | around here is TMAG’s new long-term exhibition for children 0-7 years.

This exhibition is a specially-developed, age-appropriate museum experience for young children and their carers.

mapiya lumi’ means ‘around here’ in palawa kani, and reflects a focus in the exhibition on a sense of home and place that is unique to the islands that make up lutruwita/Tasmania.

Designed with the child’s perspective in mind, the exhibition takes you through Tasmania as a ‘little big home’ – a place of deep oceans, soaring rock columns and tumbling waterfalls, but also a place for tiny nests, comfy kitchens, and fire pit stories.

With a dedicated space for ages 0-3 and a range of exciting spaces to discover for children aged 3 and over, mapiya lumi | around here is a unique new cultural experience for young families visiting TMAG.

From glowing rocks to a pre-historic fossil, from beautiful paper-cut worlds to an ancient story in the sky – what will you find ‘around here’?

Entry to mapiya lumi | around here is free, but visitors need to book in for a timed session.

There are five sessions per day with a capacity of 35 people per session. Four of these are 45-minute sessions, and each day’s final session will be 90 minutes. These session times will enable the gallery to be cleaned hourly and accommodate an optimal number of families, therefore ensuring everyone has an enjoyable and COVID-safe visit.

Bookings are required and will be available two weeks in advance. From our experience this will ensure that as many visitors as possible can see the exhibition and no-shows are kept to a minimum.

To find out more about the gallery and your visit to mapiya lumi | around here, please download our frequently asked questions. You can also find out about events and activities related to the gallery at our Events page.

Download the mapiya lumi | around here visitor guide for details on the objects, makers and creators.

mapiya lumi | around here Teacher Resource.  Use this helpful guide to the exhibition to develop ideas and understanding when visiting the gallery.