Donating items to the Collection

Are you considering donating items to TMAG?

Many important items held in the TMAG collections are the result of the generosity of donors. TMAG is always grateful for the opportunity to assess potential donations, although not everything offered might be suitable for the Collection. Items need to be considered in the context of TMAG’s collection policies, existing collections, conservation requirements and storage constraints.

In order for a preliminary assessment to be made, please complete and return to TMAG the Donation Application Form, providing as much detail as possible. 

The information provided will only be used in processing your enquiry. Please view our Personal Information Protection Statement.

Please do not post original items, documents or photographs, or leave them at the Museum. TMAG holds no responsibility for items sent to us in the post and we are unable to store items while donation offers are being assessed.

Museum process

Once the donation application form outlining details of your proposed gift is received, a curator from a related specialty area at the TMAG will assess it.

You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of your offer. After a period of between 2 to 6 weeks, you will be contacted regarding your offer. Further information may be required by TMAG at this time. You will then be advised of the outcome of your donation offer.

If your gift fits within TMAG’s collection policies, an appointment to view your proposed gift(s) will be made for a mutually convenient time. The entire assessment process may take some months depending on the extent of your gift and the availability of staff.

Please note: TMAG reserves the right to reject offers of material if it is not deemed suitable or if items do not fit within the TMAG’s collection policies.


The TMAG cannot provide valuations or an indication of value, merit or rarity of your items. If you are seeking to have an item valued, you should contact an independent valuer, an auction house or a commercial art gallery or antique dealer.

A list of valuers is available via the website for the federal government’s Cultural Gifts Program. The Cultural Gifts Program provides tax incentives for donations of culturally significant items from private collectors to public institutions.

Please note: If you wish to donate under the Cultural Gifts Program, your offer needs to be submitted to TMAG by 30 April to be included in that financial year.