The National Picture: the art of Tasmania's Black War

Opens 17-08-2018,  closes 11-11-2018

Argyle Galleries 1-3

The Conciliation

The National Picture will shine a light on two enthralling and contentious figures in Australian history: colonial artist Benjamin Duterrau and the ‘Conciliator’ George Augustus Robinson.

The exhibition is centered on significant works from the TMAG collection including Duterrau’s The Conciliation and his many depictions of Tasmanian Aboriginal people. Key loans are also from national and international collections, including five of the seven known ‘proclamation boards’.  

The National Picture will examine the work of colonial artists from the declaration of martial law in Tasmania in 1828 and the beginnings of George Augustus Robinson’s ill-fated ‘Friendly Mission’ through to Duterrau’s death in 1851.

The exhibition will also include a group of works dating from the 1920s to the present day that reference and respond to the many confronting issues that continue to arise from Tasmania’s complex past.

Curated by Professor Tim Bonyhady, and Dr Greg Lehman and presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Australia.

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Image details: Benjamin Duterrau, The Conciliation 1840, oil on canvas. Collection: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, AG79.