The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil

Opens 08-12-2017,  closes 06-05-2018

Argyle Galleries 1-3

The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil

The devil you know, and the devil you don’t…

Gain a fresh perspective on Australia’s largest marsupial carnivore, the Tasmanian devil, in this exciting new exhibition.

Often viewed as a vicious predator with few redeeming features and a threat to agriculture, the devil’s image has recently been transformed through publicity surrounding the devastating Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease.

But rather than just a cartoonish menace or the victim of an incurable cancer, this exhibition portrays the devil as a remarkable survivor – a species that (so far) is beating the odds.

Through exploring aspects of devil biology, ecology and behaviour, learn why the devil has endured when Tasmania’s other large predator, the thylacine, succumbed within 150 years of European arrival.

The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil shows that the devil is a unique species, integral to Tasmania’s ecological and cultural landscape – and will alter your perceptions of this extraordinary Tasmanian animal.

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